To Elicit the integrated development of body, mind and soul. Owing to the violence that the World is witnessing it our responsibility to transform every child into a responsible global citizen who can positively contribute to the progress of his/her nation and service to mankind.

The highest education is that which does not merely gives us information and tends to score marks but makes our life in harmony with all existence.

“Brindhavan is not a school; it is a research centre in identifying the hidden talents of each child and enriching them”

- Our Visionary Founder Shri.T.Kanagachalam

NEWS AND EVENTS 2019 - 2020

A Summary of Events, the results of competitions and the achievemnts of our beloved students in various activities held in various occasions are listed below, please check our gallery for the pictures of the above events in detail.

Towards Against Corruption Poster Competition

Our students participated in the Towards Against Corruption poster competition held on 7th November, 2019 on the topic towards anti-corruption.

Interschool Craft Competition

We at Brindhavan Vidhyalaya host various co-curricular activities within the school. For the first time, on 3rd December ,2019 and hosted the Interschool Craft Competition which was organized by Erode Sahodaya Association.

Athletic Meet

The students of our school went to erode for the two days of sports meet organized by Erode Sahodaya Association on 6th and 7th of December.

Special Day Celebrations

We celebrated KARTHIGAI DEEPAM on 10th of December, 2019 with great enthusiasm, fervor and pride. And Bharathiyar’s birthday, we celebrated Bharathiyar Day on 12th of December.

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We Educate and innovate our children


Our Education system to innovate the hidden talents of our children


Best School in the city with life skill training, extra curricular subjects and more. happy and proud to be with BV Public School


More fun to be with BVP, we learn more than our subjects, very encougaing teachers, thank you Management and Principal mam

Raja PrithviStudent

I am Proud to be a BVP'ian. My School thaught me that Learning and Descipline are the two eyes of Success



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